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Mark Tunmer, BA LLB LDM
Group Chief Executive of Imara Holdings

Age: 58
Imara Holdings Limited Ownership: 535,339

Mark Tunmer has in excess of 20 years of broking and advisory experience and has personally been involved in raising over US$450 million in Sub-Saharan capital markets through overseeing numerous listings, privatisations and rights issues on regional stock exchanges. In addition, Mark has advised the Reserve Bank of Malawi on the establishment of the Malawi Stock Exchange, the Botswana Government on the establishment of the Botswana Stock Exchange and the formulation of the Botswana Stock Exchange Act, Rules and Regulations and the Swaziland Government on the establishment of the Swaziland Stock Exchange. Mark has participated and continues to be actively involved on various regional capital markets regulatory and related bodies. He is a former Chairman of the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.

David Stone, BCom
Group Finance Director of Imara Holdings

Age: 61
Imara Holdings Limited Ownership: 7,222

Dave Stone has over 15 years experience in the financial services sector at director and executive management level, primarily within the southern African region. During the past decade he has played a leading role in the expansion and consolidation of regional banking operations, initially for the udc Group of companies and latterly for African Banking Corporation.

Neil Burnett, BCom
Executive Director of Imara S.P. Reid

Age: 63

Burnett, who has been a Member of the JSE since 1981, is a former partner at Mennell Jack Hyman Rosenberg & Co and Rice Rinaldi & Co.

Michael Burrell
Head of Corporate Finance Ė South Africa

Age: 51

Mike is a Chartered Accountant and over the last 15 years has held senior positions in a number of leading South African banks and firms in the corporate finance industry and has been involved in numerous transactions around the world. Mike commenced with his career as one of the early members of the now listed Mercantile Bank. He left Mercantile to join New Republic Bank Limited, a listed bank, as an executive director of the bank. He was responsible, inter alia, for corporate finance, investment banking, treasury and the corporate lending side of the business for four years. During this period, Mike obtained a Diploma in Advanced Banking (University of Johannesburg) and thus has a very thorough understanding of the banking industry and the regulations surrounding it, both on an academic level and practical level.

Jonathan Chew, BSc
Managing Director of Imara Asset Management (UK) Ltd

Age: 59

Jon Chew graduated from Loughborough University with a BSc in Management Sciences. He worked as an investment analyst covering the Far East in the early 1980ís and then as a portfolio manager covering Asia ex-Japan with GT Asset Management from the mid 1980ís. In 1989 he became the CIO of Global Emerging Markets for GT. Between 1989 and 1997 Jonís team was an active investor in most of the emerging markets around the world including Africa as they opened for foreign investment. From 1997 and the creation of Imara, he worked with John Legat managing a global emerging market Fund. Jonís current focus is on the Imara African Opportunities Fund where he covers North and West Africa for the investment team, the top-down for the whole Africa and handles the teamís marketing efforts outside of Africa.

David Eliot, BCom
CEO of Imara Asset Management South Africa

Age: 67

Previously he was Deputy Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of BoE Personal Stockbrokers (Pty) Ltd. Eliot has substantial investment management, research and stockbroking experience having worked for various organisations in the industry over the last 31 years.

Brighton Jena, CA(SA), CA(Z), BCompt Hons (UNISA)
Finance Director of Imara Capital South Africa (Pty) Limited

Age: 38

Brighton is a Chartered Accountant and has experience in the financial services sector covering audit, corporate finance, financial management, financial reporting, investment management and taxation. He completed his articles of clerkship with Ernst & Young and subsequently joined Imara Corporate Finance Zimbabwe, where he was an Executive Director by the time he left to join Syfrets Corporate and Merchant Bank. At Syfrets, Brighton initially headed the venture capital subsidiary and was later Managing Director of Syfrets Asset Management, a position he held until his return to the Imara Group in 2006.

John Legat, BA (Hons) Economics
Head of Asset Management

Age: 52
Imara Holdings Limited Ownership: 210,089

John Legat heads up the Asset Management operations of the Imara Group. He is based in Zimbabwe where he is also the chief executive of Imara Asset Management Zimbabwe which he established in 1998. This business is currently one of the leading pension fund and private client asset managers in Zimbabwe. John has extensive global experience gained from his thirteen years at GT Asset Management (UK) Ltd where he specialised in European equities before joining the Global Emerging Markets team at GT in 1990. In 1995 he launched and managed the GT Africa Fund, one of the first mutual funds of its kind. He is the manager of the Imara African Opportunities Fund and the Imara Africa Series.

Ann Mackeurtan
Managing Director of Imara S.P. Reid, regional responsibility for South Africa and Director of Imara

Age: 64
Imara Holdings Limited Ownership: 222,149

Ann Mackeurtan joined SP Reid in 1968. In 1974, her father, Stanley Reid, died and she and George Mackeurtan took over running the business. In 1976, Ann wrote the Johannesburg Stock Exchange exams and on passing became the first women member of the JSE. She is currently Managing Director of Imara SP Reid (Pty) Ltd.

Justin Mackeurtan, BA (HONS) Financial Services UK
Executive Director of Imara S.P. Reid

Age: 41

Mackeurtan has been involved in the family business (S P Reid & Mackeurtan) since his youth. His experience in stockbroking is extensive having covered all aspects of the industry. He currently holds the role of Group Company Secretary as well.

Roderick MacLeod, BCom LLB CAIB (SA) HDip FMiI
Head of Corporate Finance

Age: 60

Rod MacLeod is a Certified Associate of the Institute of Bankers. He joined Barclays Bank, being promoted to Barclays Merchant Bank in 1982 and then seconded to the London office in 1985. On his return to South Africa in 1988, Rod was appointed as Senior Advisor at FirstCorp dealing with M&A, MBO and private equity opportunities. In 1990, Rod joined AP&CI responsible for the Group's acquisition growth strategy. He joined Janus as a director and shareholder in 1995.

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